Sam Taal Global Foundation is a 501(C)(3) Charitable Non-profit Organization founded in Chicopee Massachusetts, USA by Fams Taal. Named in memory of his late father (Sambou- Sam Taal). In his own words, “being a native of Gambia and still having a large part of my family/friends residing there, I understand the deplorable living condition they live in”.


Poverty has struck every part of the country.

Lack of healthcare service is very rampant. For areas with access to healthcare, there is a vast shortage of medicines and clinical equipment. In majority of the rural areas, the School campuses and classrooms are in deplorable condition that makes learning less conducive to children. The lack of good hygiene water and even good clothing are an unfortunate part of the norm. With all these existing issues in mind, Sam Taal global foundation was founded to join hands in curbing these problematic living conditions.


This is our mission

Our mission is to enhance the lives the Poor & Needy, which is not limited to the provision of Healthcare services, Promoting under-privileged youth education, Provision of Clean drinking water and clothing.


Our vision

With our commitment to enhancing the lives of the poor and needy, Sam Taal Global Foundation strive to provide access to local health centers in poverty struck areas in The Gambia and eventually other parts of Africa. As a matter of fact, we have commenced the Tankular village clinic project since June 2016 and looking forward to transforming that dream into a reality by 2020. We are committed to improving the classroom and school conditions of several village schools and also hope to provide access to Secondary and Tertiary education in the near future. Sam Taal Global Foundation also hopes to construct water boreholes with bulk water tanks to areas that are in desperate need of good hygiene water. The lack of good hygiene water posed a lot of health risk to folks in these poverty struck areas. Our foundation also hopes to cloth hundreds of poor and needy children who are in extreme need of clothes and shoes.